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Expert advice when, and where, it counts

Eramol QPs have a wide range of knowledge and experience to provide expert regulatory and CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and controls) advice to clients planning clinical trials. 

Our QPs can provide specialist advice on a wide range of dosage forms, as well as practical formulation & manufacturing advice for small- and large-scale production.

Eramol’s QPs can perform UK and EU batch release for clinical and commercial drug products, as well as for other parts of the world.

As testament to our expertise, Eramol QPs were instrumental in developing and implementing a de-centralised mmanufacturing pprocess for a time-critical and ground-breaking Advanced Therapy Medical Product (ATMP) IMP, which was the first of its type to receive MHRA CTA approval. 

Eramol’s support offer includes:

  • Supply chain assessments
  • QP Audits & QP 3rd country Declarations
  • QP integration across Eramol’s UK and Ireland facilities
  • Direct QP contact throughout the Project lifecycle
  • IMPD creation
  • GxP troubleshooting

Call upon our Consultancy Services

Our QPs are on hand to provide expert consultancy advice to all clients. The QPs are always happy to discuss your clinical or commercial requirements via free consultations. Contact Us.

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More Services

Placebo manufacturing

Placebo manufacturing

Placebo matching is a key aspect of pharmacological research, and we offer extensive, rapid and cost-effective services in the field of placebo manufacturing. We fully understand that if you are looking for a placebo to parallel your product, or designing a trial dose that matches an existing comparator, getting a good match can be challenging.

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EU & UK Importation

EU & UK Importation

Eramol’s manufacturing authorisations include EU and UK importation and can act as the physical site of importation for products manufactured further afield, across the globe.

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Clinical Packaging

Clinical Packaging

At Eramol we understand the importance of primary and secondary packaging for your Study design. We know your patients need effective and safe packaging that is easy to use and understand.

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