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Our Approach

A process that truly delivers

Eramol has developed a profound customer process that aims to deliver complete satisfaction to our clients at every stage.

The customer’s journey moves through all the different phases of a relationship with Eramol, as we serve, inform and explain the scope of our services. This is initiated via a plethora of communications, giving a potential customer a clear understanding of how we do business and the confidence to engage our services.

Our typical process includes:

  • Client discussions and scoping exercises
  • Proposal generation within 48 hours
  • Client approval and Contract execution
  • Quality Agreement drafting and execution
  • Project Team and dedicated QP team assembled
  • Ongoing project support throughout lifecycle

Once a project has been commissioned, we do everything in our power to establish a smooth, seamless launch in setting it up, thanks to open and direct dialogue with the many experts at Eramol. We support our customers at every stage, alleviating any concerns and ultimately delivering in a way that leaves them wholly satisfied.

It is a process that is tested, true and tried, putting our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do, ensuring successful projects and happy clients.