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Clinical Primary Packaging

Primary packaging: high performance, full protection

Eramol offers bottling and blistering packaging solutions. Furthermore, our expertise in industrial design and information technology enables us to develop solutions that protect and properly identify your study drugs during along the whole supply chain: from storage to distribution right through to the end user.

Our boutique size means we can be flexible and responsive; we liaise with you to discuss your needs, creating packaging solutions that meet specific product & Study packaging requirements.

Eramol has both the experience and expertise to design and engineer a range of solutions for your bottling or blistering requirements. These include:

  • Bottling: choose from bottles of varying shapes and sizes, including round and oblong bottles, with or without anti-tamper devices. Read more
  • Blistering: we can advise on the most appropriate blister solution & blister material to meet the exact needs of your product & protocol. Read more

Discover our primary packaging operations

Primary packaging operations take place in temperature- and humidity-monitored rooms.

For Bottling, our clinical trial services include:

  • Automated and semi-automated filling options;
  • Induction sealing and leak testing;
  • Cotton coil insertion; and
  • On line check weighing.

For Blistering, our clinical trial services include:

  • In-house tooling creation;
  • On-line printing;
  • In-process vision control systems; and
  • Single and multi-pack capabilities.


Bottling is ideal for simple studies or those with longer-term fixed dosing requirements. Eramol offers expertise in pharmaceutical bottling services, including bottle filling and packaging of solid dose drug product. Whether you are bottling tablets or capsules, we can support you to create the right packaging for your clinical trial programs.

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Depending on your clinical trial design, blister packaging of solid oral doses for clinical trials can offer advantages over standard bottle packaging.

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