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Clinical Secondary Packaging

Experts in packaging patient kits and labelling

Ultimately, secondary packaging in the form of patient kits contributes to the overall success of a clinical trial. When patients can confidently and comfortably use and understand their pharmaceutical kits of your trial medications, better outcomes are guaranteed.

Our packaging facilities handle a range of package types including child-resistant blister cards and bottles, vials, patches, syringes, inhalers and other devices.

Eramol is an experienced provider of secondary packaging for global pharmaceutical trials. We offer a broad suite of secondary packaging services and will advise you on the most compliant and effective packaging design for your study.

We produce hundreds of patient kits and labels each year. Choose from Manual or automated assembly, which takes place in rooms with managed temperature requirements.

  • Specialisations: Cold chain supplies are packed in refrigerated space while in-room refrigerators and freezers help meet requirements for biologics and other products requiring temperature controls.

  • Flexibility: We offer automated packaging technology and manual packaging to provide the most efficient and flexible packaging service  

Bespoke Labelling

Finally, secondary packaging involves the origination and production of labels. Our clinical label services team is a leader in innovative clinical labelling.

Our in-house labelling team designs bespoke labels, ensuring regulatory compliance across international territories. We manufacture single-panel labels, and produce clinical information booklets that carry information relating to any given substance, in multiple languages. In this regard Eramol provides certified translations in myriad languages.

Finally, Just in Time (JIT) labelling gives clients the flexibility needed to enable distribution across multiple countries without impacting timelines. Our GMP facility is fully compliant in providing JIT Labelling.

Kit assembly

Kit assembly

Eramol provides complete kit assembly, grouping individual items to deliver a finished combined product that contains all the necessary information and components for those important end users in your clinical trials.

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Cartoning solutions

Cartoning solutions

We take successful product packaging very seriously, as it plays an important role in enable patient compliance and clarity, making for meaningful trial outcomes, minimising errors and costs.

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